Features and Benefits of WPLib

WPLib is for use by teams who build custom sites and need professional workflow. The library is a thin layer that provides a Module System and a Model+View architecture.

The WPLib Library includes:

  1. A Model+View Architecture (see below)
  2. Implementation of a Module system with Auto-Loader,
  3. The optional concept of an "App" that uses app-specific Modules,
  4. Code optimized for use with a persistent cache, and
  5. Prescriptive conventions for code consistency across many developers.

Model+View Architecture

Unlike MVC plugins WPLib does not take control of WordPress URL routing. Instead Models+Views are about data elements in WordPress. Currently in WPLib core we have Model+View classes for Posts and Post Types, Taxonomy and Terms; and Roles and Users.

The Model+View architecture provides:

  1. The ability to build really complex yet maintainable WordPress sites,
  2. A clear separation of concerns between backend dev and front-end themer,
  3. Familiar yet consistent functionality to address common use-case, and
  4. An architecture that results in naturally reusable modules.

Can Be Used Incrementally

Note WPLib can be used a little or a lot. It can be added incrementally to a site, or a site can be started with WPLib as its base. The latter obviously provides the most benefits.