WPLib Class Types and Classes

WPLib provides a set of classes, some of which are fundamental but many of which are base-class patterns for Application classes.

Static Classes





Package (not yet implemented)

Instance Classes







Application-Level Classes

These are the types of application-level classes that are of concern to end users because they should expose functionality that end-users are interested in.

Post Classes

For WordPress standard and custom post types.

Examples include WPLib_Post and WPLib_Page which wrap and extend the WP_Post for $post_type='post' and $post_type='page', respectively.

Term Classes

For WordPress terms of standard and custom taxonomies.

Examples include WPLib_Category_Term and WPLib_Post_Tag_Term which wrap and extend the WordPress Term object for $taxonomy='category' and $taxonomy='post_tag', respectively.

User Classes

For WordPress users of different standard and custom roles.

Archive Page Classes

For Archive Pages so they can be treated on peer with other Pages.

Foundation Level Classes

These are the core level classes that comprise the core architecture of WPLib.

Model Classes

Classes containing properties and methods of posts, terms, users, etc.

View Classes

Classes containing output methods for posts, terms, users, etc.

Item Classes

Wrapper classes for Models and Views that allow instantiating a single class.

List Classes

Collection classes that contain Entities and/or other object types. List classes effectively extend ArrayObject (although WPLib implements the same interfaces instead of actually extending ArrayObject.)