Quick Start

This quick start will have you working with WPLib within minutes.


We assume that you are:

Note: WPLib currently only works on Mac and Linux.
If you would like to help us port it to Windows, we'll be happy to review and potentially accept a pull request.


WPLib is a base PHP library thats allow WordPress developers to build Application Plugins enabling more complex functionality than commonly used ad-hoc approaches.

In this Quick Start we will perform these steps (each step only about a minute):

  1. Install WPLib
  2. Create an Application
  3. Create a Theme Class
  4. Create a Simple Module
  5. Use the Simple Module in a Theme Template
  6. Create Post Type Modules
  7. Use the Post Type Module in a Theme Template
  8. Create a Scoped Template for Displaying One Post

Get Started: Install WPLib.